Learn Wool Spinning ... with our resident expert.

Unfortunately, the Wool Experience is closed until further notice

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Here you can view how Herdwick wool is prepared for spinning. The fleeces are laid out and sorted, before being carded into ‘rolags’ for spinning. Watch as the fleece is turned into yarn, ready for knitting or weaving into strong fabric. You are encouraged to feel the fleece and yarn, as well as being able to have a go with drop-spindles or simple weaving.

On the course you will learn how to spin on a drop-spindle, then a spinning-wheel, and turn the yarn into a skein, ready to take home with instructions on finishing the yarn and materials to create a small project.

The experience is great for all ages and abilities.

Closed until further notice

Closed until further notice

Closed until further notice

Juliette's Wool Spinning Wheels


Some of the wheels ready for use at the centre are (from left):

A Haldane Lewis (made in Scotland), an unknown restored wheel, and two Ashford Wheels (made in New Zealand)- a Traditional and a Traveller.

Also in the photograph are:

A Classic Carder drum carder, made in Shropshire, a Kromski Niddy-Noddy (from Poland), two drop-spindles and hand carders from Wingham Woolwork.

Wool Spinning, Weaving & Felting - Lakeland Farm Visitor Centre

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